* Notice - Software shown here has now been upgraded to be compatible with Windows 7 *

Software downloads

All the software listed here is in use in our laboratory, but no guarantees are implied and you use it entirely at your own risk. All software is written by Andrew S. French who holds the copyright.

Download instructions

Budget - Version July 2013 - Budget management

DT_DAQ- Version December 2011 - Data acquisition

DTClamp- Version December 2012 - Voltage clamp

Graf - Version September 2014 - 2-D and 3-D graphing and fitting

Kernel - Version July 2012 - Linear and nonlinear systems identification

Reagent - Version January 2012 - Simple calculator for making solutions

References - Version August 2014 - Reference management software (Unicode - can handle all symbols and alphabets)

Important information about the SEQUENCE program
Sequence - Version June 2014 - Deep sequencing data processing
Sequence - Version (32-Bit version). May 2013 - Deep sequencing data processing

Sinc1 - Version December 2011 - French-Holden Algorithm plus cluster analysis on 1 spike train

Spider - Version March 2014 - Spider colony management

Vcview - Version April 2013 - Voltage clamp data processing

XMQ - Version August 2013 - Multiple choice examination question database management

Software is updated frequently. Please check regularly for the latest versions.