BMSR Workshop 2002

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The meeting was held at Marina del Rey (in the far distance at the South end of Venice Beach) Berj Bardakjian and I walked from the Marina to Santa Monica on the day before the workshop
Vasilis Marmarelis chaired all the sessions Stan Klein explains visually evoked potentials ... now where was that pointer?
The rest of the Marmarelis family help with the refreshments - along with Rob Kearney Vasilis, Zissis and Myrl relax at the post-workshop reception
Melissa Orme and Gabriele Larmon Bob Sclabassi, Rob Hampson, Ted Berger and Hassan Heidari Namarvar
Rob Kearney, David Westwick and Bob Sclabassi Ed Lipson, Hassan Heidari Namarvar, Andrew French, Vasilis Marmarelis and (half of) Rob Kearney
Ed Lipson, Hassan Heidari Namarvar, Ted Berger, Vasilis Marmarelis and Rob Kearney Dante Chialvo, Andrew French and Pepe Segundo