Advanced Course in Linear and Nonlinear Systems Analysis

Department of Physical Sciences, Division of Biophysics
University of Oulu, Finland - April 9-11, 2003

Part 1Fourier theory allows us to move between the time and frequency domains, and provides tools for dealing with signals
Part 2Signals and filtering. Convolution and correlation provide tools and models for filtering signals
Part 3Linear systems analysis. Linear systems with memory can be analyzed in the time or frequency domains, and using deterministic or random input signals
Part 4Modeling linear systems. Common models include simple filters, the power law and cable equations
Part 5Sampling action potentials causes special problems
Part 6Nonlinear systems analysis. Volterra series, Wiener kernels, Parallel cascades, Laguerre functions
Part 7Modeling nonlinear systems. Block-structured models. Wiener and Hammerstein systems
Part 8Further reading

Students registered in the course can obtain class notes and handouts here (requires password)