Complete list of Periplaneta americana antennal sequences - in order of discovery

Abundance = log10([mRNA of X]/[mRNA of Actin]). Red = more abundant than actin.
ID Accession Abundance* Name
PAA_0004     putative TRP-γ
PAA_0006   -1.672 putative Green opsin
PAA_0007     putative EAG K+ channel
PAA_0008   -2.937 putative UV opsin
PAA_0009   -3.061 putative Green opsin
PAA_0039     putative α-tubulin
PAA_0049     putative galectin
PAA_0050     putative TRPV channel
PAA_0051     putative Piezo channel
PAA_0052     putative Sensory neuron membrane protein (SNMP1)

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